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Google’s latest update and what it means for you

Search engine giant Google have just released an update that is a real game-changer for companies that use the platform to advertise their services. Market Molecule explores these changes in full and discusses what it means for you and your business. In a recent Tweet from the Google Search Liaison account

Google’s latest update and what it means for you 2018-04-24T14:28:10+10:00

What is science-based Marketing?

Also known as evidence-based marketing, marketing science is a phrase becoming more and more common by the day. So what makes an approach to marketing actually a science? Does science-based marketing mean it's no longer an art? Or should they be seen as complimentary practices? We investigate further and come to some very interesting

What is science-based Marketing? 2018-04-12T21:23:44+10:00

Is Twitter good for business?

Twitter is good for business because it can be employed to create traffic to your website via links embedded in the Tweet. The key thing to remember is that you should use Twitter to share information as opposed to using it as a direct selling tool. By creating interesting content in Twitter, you will

Is Twitter good for business? 2018-04-09T22:33:56+10:00

What does CMS mean?

Imagine you have an online store and one of your competitors has just launched a new sale that undercuts your prices. You want to change your prices, but your web developer is away on holiday; what do you do? For anyone that wants a website built by an expert but still wants to be

What does CMS mean? 2018-04-12T11:43:49+10:00