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Our Services

We’ve simplified our services and listed them in four main categories, technology, design, marketing/communications and statistical design and analysis.

Technology Solutions

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Website Security

Email Management


Logo Design

Professional Printing

Video Creation

Stationery Design

Company Branding

Image Sourcing

Marketing & Communications

Marketing Campaigns

Public Relations

Communication Plans


Integrated Mar-Comm Plans

Social Media Management

Statistical Design & Analysis

Website Analytics

Competitor Analysis

Heatmap Reporting

Market Predictions

Social Media Statistics

Pay Per Click Analysis

Tech Solutions

Are your ready to take the next step and start your business’ digital transformation? Market Molecule can provide your company with an online presence that not only looks good but also converts those all important visitors into paying customers.

Market Molecule offers a huge range of technology solutions. If you’re one of the 60% of small businesses without a website then getting it online is good start. We can assist you with picking the perfect domain, taking you though the process of registration and building your brand new site!

You may already have a website but not quite sure if it’s performing well. That’s where our expertise in optimising websites for Google can really help! We also provide website hosting, website security and email management – the complete package!

Web Design

A staggering 60% of small businesses do not have a website and yet with one, your business can reach 85.71% of the Australia’s population. Market Molecule have been designing and developing websites since 2002, so we know how to create an online presence that increases your profits. Yes, it’s important for a website to be appealing to its audience, but it doesn’t end there. A strong website is one that will engage people on multiple levels, inspire them to enquire, visit your store, call you, purchase a product or service and most importantly, one that is able to track the results of your investment. Let us do the hard work for you.

WordPress Development

WordPress powers nearly 27% of the entire Internet and the most used Content Management System (CMS) for businesses across the globe.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS (Content Management System) that enables Market Molecule to build complex websites with massive amounts of capability. We host all our own sites and ensure they are all safe and sound with third-party firewall systems provided by Sucuri. There really is no better way for your company to be on the web than when it’s powered by molecules.

The Art of Responsiveness

A responsive website is one that adapts the way looks to ensure your business appears at its very best – regardless of whichever device it’s displayed on. Market Molecule design websites that perform well on desktops, laptops and the leading smart phones and tablets.


Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designers have an eye for detail, and a flair and passion for being able to bring the best and boldest images to life for your business. Along with having that special ‘something’ that allows them to think creatively about the design, they also have the skills and programs required to make sure that the images you are supplied with are going to be the appropriate size, quality and specifications for their purpose. Each image is different, and each place it is being used is different. Leave the bleed, the CMYK, the rasterising, and all the tricky creativity that can sometimes make you go mad, to us.

Logo Design

The internet is flooded with promises of $5 logos which tend to always end up leading to the same generic end point – a logo that’s not quite what you were after. You want your logo to be unique, something to be proud of and to generate a feeling that is synonymous with your brand and your services. Market Molecule know how to do all of this. We know how to create logos that are world class.

Printing Services

We run A1, B2, A2 and A3 Offset presses with an extensive range digital printers that offer products like Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Fridge Magnets and much more . We have the press power to print whatever size job you can throw at us. We also provide the very latest UV Printing which delivers brighter colours and very fast turnaround times.


Marketing & Communications

With a wealth of experience in Marketing and Communications, we are able to identify the areas of growth for your business, and help you ensure an effective spend of your marketing budget, to allow you to see the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for each campaign that you run.

We’re masters of data analysis. We’ve designed a complex algorithm that has the ability to determine the chance, as a percentage, of a particular marketing campaigns being successful. We are also able to analyse and provide reports on how your marketing campaigns have performed, as well as areas of opportunity for future campaigns. 

Discovery Sessions

Before writing a strategic marketing plan, it’s important to fully understand your business, goals, objectives, mission and focus. Without this information, it’s impossible to continue to keep your business and staff focused on the end goal, and it can become difficult and tiresome to monitor the progress of this. With the help of our marketing and business consultants, we’ll help you rediscover your core business, identify your goals and put measures in place to ensure you can track your success. From there, you will be able to use this information to develop your marketing plan, or we can take the information away and assist in the development, implementation and tracking of your Marketing Strategy.


Statistical Design and Analysis

Did you know that statistics used to be known as ‘Political Arithmetic’. Although we now use statistics in much wider fields that just politics, statistics are essentially about us. In fact the very etymology of the word ‘statistic’ is the science of dealing with data about the state of the community that we live in.

We love nothing more than using this data to test out hypotheses relating to business sales. We’re constantly crunching numbers and analysing a wide range of business sectors to determine ‘truths’. We’re so accustomed to doing this, we can tell you the percentage chance of a particular marketing campaign being successful. 


Being strategic is about ensuring that you are communicating the best message possible, through the most appropriate channels, to ensure that your brand and message obtains the best reach. It is also about ensuring that you have the appropriate measures in place to be able to obtain the level of success of your message.

From Alexa rankings, Heat Mapping and Google Analytics, through to Eye Tracking and Census Data, we use a wide variety of analytical sources and tools to be able provide the best chance of a return on your marketing investments.


A scientist is a person engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge that describes and predicts the natural world. We’re experts in science-based marketing – the pursuit of ‘truths’ to help inform the recommendations we make to our clients. Science-based marketing is not just about looking for patterns in the market and in customer behaviour data, it’s about the mining of more qualitative sources of information, aligning marketing strategies with the work from other scientific fields and the testing of hypotheses within real-world environments.

Although we’re pretty good at digital marketing, we also like to consider ourselves as scientists.

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