Important Changes to Google Chrome’s Website Security Warnings

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Google have just released news regarding an upcoming update to their popular web browser – Google Chrome. The change is an important one which could mean that your website will have a red ‘Not Secure’ message right next to its address. We explore what these changes could mean to you and how you can avoid this from happening.

As things stand today in Google Chrome, websites that use HTTPS are labled ‘secure’ and will have a small green padlock next to it. You can see an example of this by looking to the left of our website address. Websites that use HTTP currently display a grey exclamation mark, but no other obvious warning.

In September, the green secure label and padlock for HTTPS websites will be removed completely. The reasoning behind this change is that Google believes users should expect a website to be secure by default. Let’s be fair, they should. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a method of communication between a browser and a website. With HTTP, data is sent as clear text, meaning anyone who intercepts it can read it :/ HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. Communication between the website and the browser is scrambled so that nobody can read that data.

In October, a red warning icon and a ‘Not Secure’ label will be added to websites that use HTTP. Obviously ths means there will be a period of around a month where there will be no security icons or labels displayed.

So if your website doesn’t use a HTTPS, it’s probably worth your time to make that change now.

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