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Hi, I’m Gordon Yates.

I moved to Queensland over six months ago. After being employed for several years, it was my dream to become self-employed again, in order to live a better lifestyle. I actually hadn’t had to find new business for well over ten years, so it came as quite a shock to discover that the methods I used to use to get new clients (newspaper ads, letter drops etc), were no longer working. So I approached Market Molecule and asked them to turn things around.

Day One –
The Analysis

Market Molecule understood that, as a new business, my marketing budget was low. They suggested that I put a small portion of my budget into Statistical Design and Analysis, with the aim of providing me with a clear picture of the marketplace I was operating in. What they told me was fascinating! They explained it all in a way I could easily understand too – there was no marketing or computer-based gibberish at all!

Day Two –
The Plan

On day two, Market Molecule presented me with their solution – a marketing campaign. They said that it had an 80% chance of succeeding. The campaign was short (great for my low budget) and highly measurable. It would take a week for them to do some ground work but I was told I should be expecting calls from new customers the following Monday.

Day Eleven –
The Customers

I followed the progress during the next week closely, as Market Molecule got to work on the plan they’d created. There were several steps to the work they carried out, but it was great to see the progress they were making each day. Eventually Monday came around and, just as they said, my phone started to ring with new work. I couldn’t believe it! Within two weeks, I could afford to increase my marketing budget. This led to even more work.

Day Eighteen –
The Stats

A week later, I received some information relating to the statistics they had been gathering on the campaign. This included the increase in traffic to my website and social media pages, as well as the customer reviews. It was quite clear to see that the work they had carried out over the past two weeks, had a huge, positive impact on my business.

Continued Service

The service I received from Market Molecule didn’t just end there. They not only helped me gain new customers, but also showed me how I could retain the ones I already had! The plan they provided proved to be an excellent return on my investment.   I’m now well-known throughout the town and have 100% satisfaction based on my customers’ reviews.

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